First Real Money Facebook App

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Each day, thousands of players all over the world access online casinos to enjoy gambling from home. These casinos sites are licensed and regulated by a governing body and provide players with a safe and secure environment in which to play casino games for real money payouts. With the popularity of these games online, many players have been waiting for Facebook to release an app that would provide them with the same benefits of playing in an online casino. There is some great news for these players, as it has been announced that 888 Holdings will offer a real money app on Facebook that will provide access to great casino games that can all generate cash winnings. Unfortunately, the app is only available to players from the United Kingdom who are over the age of 18.

Players will not be able to use a Facebook app to enjoy an 888 casino experience. The name of the app is MAGIC888 and is being offered as a casino game online. Unlike the other gambling apps from Facebook, this one will offer the chance to generate cash payouts from the amazing selection of games that are supported. Combining social gaming with cash rewards has been a long awaited event, and now UK Facebook users will enjoy playing at the site and winning huge payouts as they access top rated slots and table games.

At this time, this is the only cash casino app that is available, but there is talk that other companies will soon begin offering similar Facebook apps that will open the door to online gambling for millions of players. Since online casinos have become so popular over the years and with so many of these same players using Facebook as a social site, it makes sense to combine the two and offer players exactly what they are looking for. Now, players can invite family and friends to join them in an exciting gambling experience through Facebook and enjoy a secure outing that could offer some impressive cash rewards.