Using Auto Play Features at Online Casinos

Category: Casino Software

Many online casinos will allow players to customise the game they are playing, which can include making use of some great game functions. Players who are planning to play one game for a long period of time may benefit from choosing the auto play function on the machine. This feature is usually offered on slot games and some video poker games and will allow players to choose a set number of games in which are played automatically. To make use of this function, players will select an amount to wager and then choose the auto play function. Here, they will be able to select how many games they wish the machine to play automatically.

The great thing about using auto play is that players will not have to manually spin the reels on a slot. The function will place the selected wager and spin the reels. All payouts that are generated will be added to the credits on the game and then to the player account. If a bonus round is triggered that required players to make selections, they will be able to do so and when the bonus ends. The machine will continue spinning for the remainder of selected spins.

The auto play function can be disabled at any time to allow players to resume manual control over the game. While auto play is not an option all players will enjoy, it does come in handy for high rollers who are looking to play the most number of games in the shortest amount of time. By using auto play, the bets will remain the same for the duration and players will simply have to sit back and watch the game.

Auto play is a great added feature that is found on most games in online casinos and almost every slot game that is released will provide players with the ability to select this feature. It is a great way to enjoy the game without having to press buttons or hover over a keyboard. The feature will let players sit back and relax as the game plays automatically.